Our company specializes in building working ribs and leisure ribs with multiple options for interior design. All models are designed with large V shape at nose to improve their seaworthiness.

AX635 was the first project of H14. Carefully designed hull shape gives a unique feeling of driving in turns. The propeller never spins out, even during tightest turns. This boat has been designed for all those who appreciate active recreation on water. Hull design provides the highest stability and guarantees full security. This is an ideal boat for tourist trips, suitable also for families.

Basic features:

  • full comfort at high speed and rough water provided by deep V construction of thw entire bottom,
  • the shape of AX635 allows it to cut through the water and across the waves without any speed loss,
  • a large tank with capacity of up to 220L, placed right under the helmsman stabilizes the boat, and provides a massive range,
  • self-drainage deck,
  • high flexibility in design of complete cockpit (* see accessories section)
  • smart and slim console with a seat in the front.

Each H-14 RIB is made specifically to order! Decide on the number and configuration of seats and available colors of hull and tubes. We will finish it according to your order.

Certificate of motor boat AX635


Internal length [cm]: 446
External length [cm]: 635
Inside width [cm]: 145
External width [cm]: 235
Tube diameter [mm]: 300 - 450
Tubes material: hypalon
Number of chambers: 5
Max load [kg]: 970
Weight [kg]: 460
Max engine power [KM]: 150
Engine column: L
Max crew: 8

H-14 ribs meet all the requirements, standards and directives of recreational boats and are certified by Polish Ships Registry with - CE mark.