All H-14 hulls are made with infusion technology based on vinyl ester resin and sandwich construction.

Resin infusion technology is a method of composite manufacturing based on vacuum molding. Comparing to the conventional method where each layer is laid wet, using infusion all layers are "dry". Various kinds of structural layers and reinforcements are selected by the boat designer. The mold is sealed by vacuum bag during the infusion. The resin is drained into the mold by a system of tubes. The resin is spread evenly into the entire hull, with the excess casted from the mold through the outlet tube. This way, the hull is completed in a single technological step.

The sandwich construction is based on a high density foam core, which is produced specifically for each model.

Our way of production guarantees lightweight and excellent durability due to right ratio of resin and glass fibers. Production is easily repeatable, so each boat has the same parameters as original design.


All H-14 boats are made with top quality materials produced by European and American manufacturers.

The tubes are made of “Hypalon” – rubber with superior technical parameters of UV resistance to standard PVC tubes. Tubes are delivered by a British company, leader in tube production - Henshaw Inflatables Ltd.