Below is the H-14 rib rental offer:

We are pleased to offer three of our models for rental. All units are insured, serviced regularly, in very good condition and are equipped with basic safety equipment.

  • AX 580 large coaching rib.
    Very stable and dry for offshore and inland waters, equipped with Yamaha engines with horse power ranging 50-70. One of the best units in this class. Great working tool.
  • AX 500 small coaching rib.
    Huge seaworthiness in such little boat thanks to large V in the bow. Equipped with Yamaha engines with horse power ranging 40-50. Very efficient and spacious unit for its size, economical in fuel consumption.
  • AX500 + small coaching rib.
    It’s the same hull as AX500 with thicker tubes mounted. Improved stability of the unit and a very dry cockpit.

Offer 2019 for download here.

We handle individual deliveries. We are official partners of the international sailing regatta.

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